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Copper Common – CC Burger

Copper Onion - CC Burger

Copper Common is the 21+ only sister business, to the adjacent Copper Onion. The bar offers a menu of smaller based and plates, presented as the perfect dishes to enjoy over the extensive natural wine list, and craft cocktails.

Burger build: au poivre, noordhollander cheese, pickled onion. Choice of potatoes or dressed gem salad.

Price: $11

Jeffrey: Copper Common’s burger may look unassuming, but don’t be fooled—it offers a lot of complex flavor despite its simple appearance. Simple seems to be exactly the thing they’re going for, as there are only a handful of elements that make up the structure: bun, beef, cheese, onions, and little condiment to tie it all together. Each of those elements was carefully planned, from the Noord Hollander aged gouda, to the pickled onions, and the au poivre sauce. The bun holds up just fine and was soft and not too sweet, but definitely the most straight-out-of-a-bag of all the pieces. Despite the sauce, it didn’t read too peppery, rather a whole lively burger bite when you got all the elements in together. This is a smashburger-style preparation, so the patty is thin and there’s no pink inside. If your ideal burger is a fat patty dripping with grease, slathered with sauce, and adorned with exotic toppings, you’ll be underwhelmed by this tidy (but tasty!) version. Copper Common’s hamburger is best for those who enjoy a simple, thoughtful classic.

Stuart: As a huge fan of the Copper Onion burger, I was excited for this one. This one isn’t more of the same though, the patty is much thinner, and notably drier, and less juicy. The bun is a brioche style and I am typically not a fan of these, they skew too rich, too sweet; that said the bun featured a fairly strong char that helped temper the sweetness. The burger doesn’t come with a temperature request option, presumably the thin style is meant for a quick, aggressive sear. The menu lists au poivre style, but I didn’t really notice any assertive pepperiness.

Copper Onion - CC Burger interior
Copper Onion – CC Burger interior
Copper Onion - CC Burger without cheese
Copper Onion – CC Burger without cheese
Copper Onion - CC Burger top down
Copper Onion – CC Burger top down

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