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Warren’s Craft Burger – Morning Glory Burger 

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Warren's Craft Burger - Morning Glory burger

About the burger: “Hand-smash”ed 1/2 pound of fresh-ground chuck beef. Bacon, cheddar cheese, egg, red onion, chipotle ketchup, spring mix lettuce. Served on a Stone Ground Bakery brioche bun, with choice of steak fries or chips.

Hang: Virtually any burger is made better with the addition of a properly fried egg, the Morning Glory is no exception. The egg was perfectly fried with golden edges, not too firm whites and a yolk that was medium cook with still enough liquid yolk that adds that creaminess. The yolk oozes onto a thick, properly cooked medium beefy patty. The bacon was alright but I wished it was crispy, it would have added a nice contrast to the rest of the burger. If you’re hesitant about the whole egg on a burger thing, this burger is the one to try.

Stuart: Unlike the creative B.A.D. burger, the Morning Glory trends toward a more classic burger build. O.k. there’s a perfectly runny egg thrown in for good measure, but only a madman would quibble with that. The half pound patty is cooked prettily pink, and is all the better for it. The toasted Stone Ground is a shining example of excellence, only that more buns could be this good. In the face of the gloriously juicy patty and egg intent on destruction, the defiant bun holds up right to the last bite.

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November 22, 2022

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