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Warren’s Craft Burger – B.A.D Burger

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Warren's Craft Burger - BAD burger

About the burger: Ground chuck and sausage patty topped with cheddar cheese, ham, fried egg, bacon, maple jam and hashbrowns. Stoneground brioche bun.

Hang: Breakfast All Day Burger really lives up to it’s name. Stuffed between the soft but sturdy plain bun are a slice of ham, bacon, fried egg, and maple jam. Where’s the sausage you ask, well it’s mixed in with the beef into the well cooked patty. Even though the patty has to be well cooked due to the sausage, the extra fat keeps it moist and full of flavor. In addition the the fries you get on the side, you get hash rounds (think short tater tots) in the burger. I really appreciate a nice bun that will hold up long enough to for me to finish the burger without my hands being a sloppy mess.

Stuart: The taller a burger goes, the more I worry about bun disintegration. Not here, the bun held up to every last ingredient through the course of the meal. And what ingredients. The mix of pork to the half pound beef patty adds sweetness matched by the maple jam – who knew maple . Hashbrowns add crunch and texture while bacon and egg, well, who doesn’t want bacon and egg on everything they eat!? A fabulous burger experience from start to finish.

Warren's Craft Burger - BAD burger cross section
Warren’s Craft Burger – BAD burger cross section

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