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The Copper Onion – The Copper Onion Burger

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Copper Onion - burger

Burger build: Grass-fed beef, house bun, caramelized onions, duck fat aioli, and iceberg. Option to add cheddar cheese. Your choice of arugula salad or side of fries.

Price: $17.

Stuart: In a single word: wow.  This is the stuff of dreams. It’s the kind of burger that brings a hallowed silence to the table as the world happily fades away.   The patty is cooked beautifully pink, if you respond that way to the temperature request.  It’s juicy, rich and accented perfectly by decadently sweet caramelized onions.  There’s crunch and crisp and salt and umami by the bucketload – it’s damned near the perfect burger. Even more remarkable is the fact The Copper Onion keeps churning out burgers of impeccable quality, year after year, regardless of the praise or success.  If you like burgers, go eat this now

Copper Onion - burger cross section
Copper Onion – burger cross section

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