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Shooting Star Saloon – Hamburger

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Shooting Star Saloon - hamburger

Hang: We thought it would be appropriate that the inaugural burger review be from the oldest running bar west of the Mississippi. Although we don’t know how long Shooting Star Saloon has been serving it’s burger, it does serve as a good baseline. There’s nothing fancy about anything that makes up this burger but when assembled, it tastes better than the individual ingredients. The patty had a nice medium grind, not too tightly packed and cooked well. This patty sits on a typical sesame seed bun along with lettuce, tomato and a spot of ketchup and mustard. It doesn’t get more classic than this.

Stuart: A fairly run of the mill seeded burger bun and burger for me. The grilled onions elevated this burger up a notch mind you, plenty of smokey-sweetness. A decent enough regular burger that didn’t know my socks off but didn’t disappoint either; lets be honest though, you’re coming here for the history and vibe of the joint, of which there’s an absolute bucket full.

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