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HSL – Beef Cheek Burger

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HSL - beef cheek burger

About the burger: 7 ounce burger, house made American cheese, onions, served with duck fat potatoes.

Hang: Definitely a “gourmet” burger that I happily order over and over again. I think I’ve had this four times already. Let’s start off with this house made English muffin bun. The toasted muffin adds a nice crunch and texture contrast to the richness of the beef cheek patty. It also goes well with the duck fat fries. The beef cheek patty can sometimes vary in thickness but has always cooked the way it was ordered. It’s a nice medium grind, leaving room for the juices to flow throughout the patty. The toppings were good and the lettuce was well dried. Although they come in a side jar, you can throw in the delicious house pickled veggies in the burger. I’m happy to say this tops my list of “gourmet” burgers, even those triple the price.

Stuart: My only minor quibble was a patty ever so more well done than I’d have preferred. A slightly rarer cook would put this creation over the top; and in fairness I’m sure the kitchen would accommodate such a request next time I visit, and there will be a next time. Aside from that though, this is a nearly faultless burger. The beef cheek provides a tremendously meaty patty that even on the side of medium/medium well flows with juice and is eye-rollingly excellent. The house made English muffin bun has a terrifically fun mouth feel, providing texture and chew. And that house made sauce, it kinda reminds me of a certain fast food chains secret sauce – in all the right ways – hey don’t judge. This is the type of burger where the table falls silent and everyone goes to their happy place for several minutes.

HSL - beef cheek burger cross section
HSL – beef cheek burger cross section

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