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East Liberty Tap House – Tap House Burger 

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East Liberty Tap House - ELTH burger

About the burger: American cheese, pickle, grilled onions, ketchup and peppercorn aioli. Comes with fries as standard.

Hang: The “Tap” House burger is a very well put together. The soft buns are nicely toasted to give the ketchup and peppercorn aioli something to grab onto. The pickles had a pleasant twangy flavor for me. The patty had a nice medium grind and an average flavor, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t memorable either, just there. The patty also had a nice thickness compared to the rest of the burger. On this visit, the patty was overcooked for a medium which is what was suggested and ordered. For a bar burger, it’s an okay burger but it’s it the best, probably not.

Stuart: When our waitress asked if we were happy with a medium cook on the burger, we started to get giddy; sadly, the finished product was closer to medium well/well. As a result, the patty was fairly average and unmemorable. A particular highlight for me was the house made pickles – they really shone through. While grilled onions were listed, I’m not certain we received more than the smallest of shavings, certainly not enough to make their presence felt, a shame.

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December 15, 2022


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